5 Ways to Create Memorable Online Brand Experiences

Part 1: Message-Driven Visuals

Around five years ago, professional services firms started implementing a lot of new design styles and user experience (UX) trends that were, at the time, a big departure from what everyone else was doing. Eventually though, everybody else latched on to these styles until the once-innovative trends became the industry standards. What had been considered a unique approach became a predictable experience. How can you make your website stand out in an industry of imitators?

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From Regional Star to National Player

Building a new brand for Jackson Kelly

Seeking to harness its expanding national reputation as a premier regional law firm known for deep industry experience and superior client service, Jackson Kelly looked to Herrmann to help create a new brand image that would highlight its progressive stance and wealth of talent.

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From Mundane to Memorable

Making Your Lawyer Bios Stand Out

So what can you do to deliver something that truly resonates with prospects, clients or virtually anyone who wants to learn more about what your lawyers bring to the table?

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5 Tips for Establishing Effective Vendor Relationships

Prevent your project from being derailed with these tips for project management

Project management requires a clear plan of attack as well as buy-in from your firm’s leadership, your team members and your vendors. Here are a few tips to help you establish effective vendor relationships that will allow you to stay on target and on deadline.

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Reading Between the Lines:

What Legal Marketers Can Learn From Client Feedback

Back in 2011, a LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell study found that nearly half of law firms around the world were soliciting feedback from their clients via in-person or telephone interviews, surveys or other formal information-gathering processes.

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Keeping Up With the Millennials

How is your firm preparing for the next generation of rainmakers?

A solstice of sorts is on the horizon. In 2020, millennials will become the majority in the workplace. With that inevitable shift on the way, what should partners – the majority of whom hail from the baby boomer generation – be doing today to make their firms more competitive, more productive and more in sync with those who will be soon be carrying the torch?

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Ipad Tablet Cell Phones

Online & On Target

Why today's law firms should embrace a robust digital marketing strategy

Maybe your firm’s been on the fence about making the leap into digital advertising. Or perhaps you’re debating the pros and cons of committing a larger percentage of your budget on ads delivered to laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones. If either describes your dilemma, here’s a projection that may propel you to take action:

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