Staying Connected

CASE STUDY: Howard County Health Department's Youth Suicide Prevention Campaign

The last few months of the school year are stressful times for teens. The angst associated with exams, proms, relationships, graduations, college admissions tests, part-time jobs, family obligations and day-to-day challenges that simmer below the surface often boil over. This year, teens were faced with even more upheaval as the COVID-19 pandemic put much of the world in lockdown mode, and the Howard County Health Department recognized that teens could be particularly vulnerable. The department’s teen suicide prevention outreach was very successful in 2019, and it was important to revive the campaign. Once again, the department turned to Herrmann.

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2020: The Year When Kicking the Habit Hit Home

Case Study: Anne Arundel County Department of Health

For many years, Herrmann has partnered with the Anne Arundel County Department of Health to plan and execute a variety of campaigns to inform the public of the resources available to residents. From breast cancer screenings to addiction-related topics, we have tackled each challenge by combining creative strategy, eye-catching design, memorable messaging, and thorough media planning and implementation. The recent 2020 Smoking Cessation campaign aimed at county residents was no exception.

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Content is King

How to Create Engaging Healthcare Content

Paging Dr. Google! With more information available online than ever before, it should come as no surprise that people are turning to the Internet to self-diagnose a medical problem, research medical procedures, or research health and wellness topics. In fact, over 70% of Internet users say they’ve looked online for health information within the past year. And that means they’ll be clicking on healthcare practice websites that offer valuable, unique, and consistent content.

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Humanize Your Healthcare Practice

4 Ways to Build Patient Trust Online

In today’s market, consumers have more choices than ever before. With 80% of U.S. adults now looking for medical information online, it’s absolutely essential to use your healthcare practice’s website to build an emotional, human connection with consumers online. Prospective patients need to feel comfortable with their doctors, and 63% of people report that they will choose one healthcare provider over another based on their online presence.

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Show, Don't Tell

How to Practice Effective Storytelling in Healthcare Marketing

Human beings are storytellers by nature. Our brains are conditioned to form strong emotional connections through stories. All information was once passed through the generations through stories, and to this day effective stories are more memorable than simple lists of facts.

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