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Small Business Success Stories in the COVID-19 Era: Severn Bank

Posted on May 22, 2020 in Branding & Annapolis News

At a time when many small businesses desperately sought Payroll Protection Program (PPP) funding due to COVID-19 impacts, Herrmann’s client, Severn Bank, jumped into action.

During the first wave of the CARES Act, nearly 100% of the applications Severn Bank processed were approved and funded.

That’s an accomplishment worth touting — not only for this Annapolis-based community bank, but for the thousands of area workers who will continue to receive a paycheck.

This good news story was worth sharing. So, Herrmann got to work on creating an ad campaign that ran in local publications. In June, a full-page ad celebrates the noteworthy PPP achievement and features two compelling testimonials from local business executives who describe what the bank’s fast response, personal service and attention to detail meant to their companies and employees.

The June ad is the perfect follow-up to an earlier March ad our agency produced just as the impact of the state’s lockdown order began to ripple through the region. The ad’s sincere, compelling copy promised Severn Bank would “stand with you.” That commitment was not lost on area business owners – many of whom turned to Severn Bank in the ensuring weeks. At a time when much larger institutions struggled to meet the demand for CARES Act relief, Severn Bank took on the Herculean task in stride. These two ads underscored how Severn Bank is standing by its clients, helping them make the right financial decisions to weather the storm.

Herrmann salutes Severn Bank for demonstrating what it means to be a community leader. On behalf of all the local small businesses, employees and residents, we thank you!

If your business or organization wants to showcase how it has made – and kept – its promises to your clients and communities in the wake of the pandemic, we invite you to reach out to Herrmann’s Chief Business Development Officer John Albert at john@herrmann.com or 410.267.6522, ext. 252.